Life Lately

Is anyone else feeling fed up of the cold weather?  I am literally bursting for warmer weather, longer days and Spring colours to be popping up all over the place.  In fact I’ve not been feeling my normal sparkly self at all.

The warmer weather brings so much joy and possibility with it.  When you get home from work, you still feel as though you have time to relax and enjoy yourself.  I’m gearing up to tackle my garden and make it a lovely place to spend time in over the summer months.

I’ve realised there’s another reason for my lack of sparkle lately.  I’ve been feeling a little bit lost since my boy started high school last September.  We’ve always been super close but I can feel him moving further away from me towards his peers, which is perfectly natural but totally rubbish at the same time.

It’s a good job I have my two furry little boys Harry and Ron to cuddle and keep me entertained.  They are over 6 months old now and getting very big.  We started to let them outside in February and they’ve been busy exploring the garden and surrounding area.

Harry is the more confident and therefore adventurous and fearless.  He is always off out exploring whereas Ron is very timid and cautious.  He doesn’t like the cold and he’s often inside the house rather than outside.

I’m hugely grateful for my part time illustration business as it’s been keeping me busy.  Even though Spring is yet to arrive, creating my artwork certainly puts a spring in my step.  I had the pleasure of working on some fabulous Mother’s Day doodles for some very special mums and nanna’s.

I also ran my first competition on Facebook in February to win a family portrait for Mother’s Day.  I had some brilliant entries and hugely enjoyed creating the winner’s entry for The Burgess Family.  Colette writes a brilliant parenting and lifestyle blog called We’re Going On An Adventure.  Her Instagram account is full of lovely photographs of her family enjoying the outdoors in their wellies which inspired the theme of my doodle.

I have some new ideas for this year which I’m hoping to move forward with.  I’m still keen to start holding children’s doodle workshops over the summer, so I’m going to get my thinking hat on and make plans to hold some taster sessions soon.

I’m also working on being able to offer my doodles in digital format for web or print use, which I’m really excited about.  I’m enjoying learning new skills and getting to grips with new software.  Here’s a doodle I created of Seb and I, which I’ve been using as my Facebook profile picture.  

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to Easter holidays next week.  Seb is very keen to ‘chill out’ which is code for ‘mostly gaming whilst wearing PJ’s’ but we’ll also be spending time with friends and family, which is my favourite.  They’ll be an Easter Sunday roast dinner, an awesome egg hunt and obligatory chocolate eating and cake baking. Bring it on!

I hope you all have a lovely break and don’t forget to get in touch if you have any doodle requests.


Love Toria