Doggie Doodles

Every member of a family is truly special, even the smallest and furriest.  When I’m working with families, it’s very clear how important their pets are to them, dogs in particular.

I am thoroughly enjoying drawing all the doggie characters in my doodles and completely agree that they truly bring something special to a family.  That is why I am now creating stand-alone doggy doodles and also ‘dog and owner’ doodles.

We all know someone in our lives whose dog holds a special place in their heart so giving a dog and owner doodle could be the perfect way to make them smile.

If you send through a photograph of the owner and dog (or just dog), I shall sketch and water colour them into a doggie doodle. You can add any text you like.  I can also add memorial dates if you have sadly lost your pet and would like a celebratory keepsake.

If you have cats instead of dogs and would like a kitty doodle, then please get in touch.