What Is A Teacup Doodle?


A Teacup Doodle is a bespoke piece of artwork celebrating life, love and family.

Receiving artwork is always lovely but receiving artwork which has been especially designed for you, that looks like you and has your name on it….well that is a little bit special isn’t it?  In fact, it’s guaranteed to put smiles on faces…I’ve seen it first hand when friends have opened my doodle gifts.

And because it’s a completely original piece of artwork, it can also be anything you want it to be!  You can choose to order just a doodle print or let me frame it for you in one of my special safety glazed frames.

Teacup Doodles are a wonderful way to celebrate your life and make fabulous gifts for loved ones.  Whether you’re celebrating your family, a birth, a wedding or just want to make someone feel loved and appreciated…..a doodle does the job with a smile!

Visit my Etsy shop now to order yours.

Love Toria